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Breakfast is the indicator of your wife’s mood


Breakfast of the day reveals the mood of wife .. !!

If the Breakfast is UPMA, think what you have shouted on her yesterday evening.

If the Breakfast is Masala Dose, a clear indicator that your wife needs something this evening.

If nothing is done for Breakfast, and your wife is sick in the morning itself, indicates that your parents are coming home.

If something special i.e two/three items are made for breakfast, indicates that your in-law’s are coming home.

If sweet is made with Breakfast, indicates that there is plan for movie of her choice.

If she is shouting on children, indicator that your lady Secretary has phoned up.

If lot of eatables are under preparation, clear indicator that she is proceeding to her mother’s house.

Hello, This is just to make you laugh – don’t reveal to your wife