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Nuns Enjoying Candy With Priest


At the Convent, there was one priest in particular that liked to fuck all the new nuns until they screamed to god.

One night he had just got done fucking one of the new nuns when he walked into the kitchen butt naked for a snack.

He had just grabbed two candy bars from a drawer, but as he was about to leave, two of the head nun’s walked in.

Not knowing what to do, he spread his legs letting his d!ck hang and put his hands behind his back.

The nuns walked in and thought that he was the new candy machine they had ordered, so the first nun put a quarter on his tongue and pulled his d!ck… so he dropped one of the candy bars.

The next nun did the same thing, she put a quarter on his tongue and pulled his d!ck, so he dropped the other candy bar.

They both were delighted but as they walked out, one more nun walked in. The other nuns told her to try the new machine, so she too walked over, put a quarter on his tongue and pulled his d!ck, but this time nothing happened, so she pulled it again, nothing, so she started pulling it quicker and quicker…

Later the head nuns asked her what kind of candy she had gotten… she replied:

“oh, I didn’t get any candy….but i got some nice hand lotion!”